Candy and chocolate wrapping materials mainly include: waxed paper, transparent paper, plastic (DPE, PVC, OPP), cellophane, glass bottle, aluminum foil, Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper, composite plastic (BOPP/PVDC, OPP/PVDC, OPP/LDPP ), toffee film, transparent polypropylene sulfate film, paper-plastic composite, etc.

Aiboet Technology specializes in pure aluminum foil and Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper for candy and chocolate wrapping.

What is Candy Aluminum Foil Wrappers?

Candy aluminum foil wrappers refers to the aluminum foil used for wrapping candy or chocolate. Because it is in direct contact with food, the quality of candy aluminum foil wrappers is very high to avoid harming human health.

candy foil wrappers

Aiboer Technology's candy wrapping aluminum foil has passed SGS certification and FDA's strict testing.

According to different uses, it is also often called:

  • Chocolate foil wrappers
  • Candy bar wrapper paper
  • Burger foil wrappers
  • Sandwich foil wrappers

Candy Aluminum Foil Wrappers Types

Aluminum foil for candy wrapping usually has pure aluminum foil and Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper.

Pure aluminum foil

PTP aluminum foil

PTP aluminum foil, the fastest growing flexible wrapping material in recent years, has no peculiar smell, non-toxic, non-fading, leak-proof, corrosion-resistant, long shelf life, good sealing, clear printing, diverse printing patterns, strong decoration, strong wrapping barrier , can effectively maintain the shape and stability of food.

PTP aluminum foil

And it's a food-grade safe ingredient that can be recycled to protect the environment.

Colorful Coin Food Foil Wrapping

Process: printing, cutting

Common specifications: 0.012mm*39mm; 0.012mm*54mm

Main products: cake gold coin decoration, Gold bars, peanuts, chocolates, smiling faces, Want Want, etc. support customization

colorful coin food wrapping foil

Spherical Food Aluminum Foil Wrapping

Process: Printing, Embossing, Peritoneal

Common specifications: 0.015*97mm

Scope of application: suitable for the wrapping of various spherical foods, such as: chocolate, sesame balls, milk dates, etc. Decorative patterns include earth, football, volleyball, basketball, billiards, tennis balls, colored balls, etc. Support pattern customization.

spherical food foil wrapping

Handmade Foil Wrappers

Process: printing, embossing, cutting

Common specifications: 0.012mm*80mm*80mm, 0.012mm*90mm*90mm

Uses: Mainly used for manual wrapping of various products, such as tea, sesame balls, candies, small green oranges, egg yolk crisps, etc. Can also be used for wrapping crafts or origami.

handmade foil wrappers

Three Patterns and Nine Colors are Optional

The surface is bright and smooth without fine lines. Fine Mesh Texture: The surface has a fine mesh texture. Orange Peel: The surface resembles the texture of an orange peel. Color: Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Coffee, Rose. Support customization

three patterns and nine colors are optional

Ice Cream Foil Wrappers

Process: printing, embossing, cutting

Common specifications: 0.014mm*120mm*200mm

Scope of application: Mainly suitable for ice cream wrapping of various milk, chocolate and other flavors. Foil-packed ice cream is known for its warmer, more durable qualities. Support customization

ice cream foil wrappers

Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper

Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper is a compound of aluminum foil and paper. The way of compounding is generally glued and bonded with wax.

The main function of Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper is to prevent moisture, prevent odor and avoid taste volatilization affecting the taste.

aluminum foil laminated paper

The paper

The paper used in Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper can be divided into two types: plain paper and specialty paper.

Ordinary paper is usually made of food-grade thin cardboard, which has good adsorption and adsorption properties, and can effectively absorb moisture and odors in candies.

Special paper uses more high-grade materials, such as yarn paper, cotton paper, bamboo pulp paper, etc., to improve the taste and bottom of cigarettes.

In addition, candy wrapping aluminum foil often uses food-grade transparent paper as its lining paper, which is oil-proof.

Type Special paper(Yarn paper, cotton paper, bamboo pulp paper)
Paper Whiteness ≥75 %
Inner-liner Papper Grammage 22-45gsm
Size Thickness 0.0060mm - 0.0205mm
Width <1700 mm

Aluminum foil

The aluminum foil layer is an important part of the candy wrapping paper, which has good moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, heat insulation, and odor insulation properties, which can protect the quality and taste of chocolate candies.

Usually 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil are used, and the thickness of the aluminum foil is 0.006mm to 0.009mm.

Alloy 1235 1145 8011 8111 8021 8079
Temper O
Inner-liner Papper Grammage 17±1.5 g/m2
Size Thickness 0.0060mm - 0.0105mm
Width <1700 mm

Features of chocolate candy wrapping aluminum foil paper

Barrier property: Excellent barrier property, can keep the aroma of candy, chocolate, hamburger and other foods.

Waterproof and moisture-proof: aluminum foil can block moisture, effectively prevent moisture, and prevent candy, chocolate, hamburgers and other foods from mold and deterioration in a humid environment.

Safe and non-toxic: Aluminum foil is a non-toxic wrapping material, which can be directly packaged with candy, chocolate, hamburgers and other foods, and is harmless to human health.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Aluminum foil is a recyclable material that can be recycled to reduce resource consumption and environmental burden.

Why Choose Aiboer's Candy Aluminum Foil Wrappers

candy foil wrappers manufacturer


Founded in 2007, Aiboer has 15 years of experience in aluminum foil manufacturing. It has provided candy wrapping materials for internationally renowned candy companies for a long time, and has achieved long-term cooperative relationships.


Aiboer provides a variety of solutions for candy wrapping, including pure aluminum foil candy wrapping materials and Aluminum Foil Laminated Paper. Various production processes, such as embossing, color coating, etc., can be color coated with different colors, different printing patterns and laser aluminum foil

Good quality

Aiboer's candy wrapping aluminum foil has been certified by SGS and FDA. The product is non-toxic and safe, so you can use it with confidence.

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