What is hookah aluminum foil?

Hookah aluminum foil, also called shisha foil, is a kind of aluminum foil used for hookah. It is a necessary accessory for hookah. It is used to cover the hookah bowl and put hookah charcoal on it.


Hookah aluminum foil in stock

Aiboer has a large stock of hookah foils, the thickness from 20mic to 40mic, 30 rolls per carton, MOQ: 30rolls. The dimensions are as follows:

  • 20mic*12cm*5m
  • 20mic*12cm*10m
  • 30mic*12cm*10m
  • 35mic*12cm*10m
  • 40mic*12cm*10m

Please contact us for a quotation, we also support customization according to your needs, sale@aiboeral.com

Hookah Foil Packaging Process


Hookah foil Size

hookah aluminum foil

There are several holes in the hookah foil to allow air to flow through. The hookah bowl, hookah foil and hookah charcoal work together to ensure that the hookah receives even heat while smoking.

Hookah foil classification

According to different shapes, hookah foil can be divided into round hookah foil, square hookah foil, hookah foil roll, all hookah foil can be pre-punched, ready for your next use.

Aiboer is a famous hookah foil manufacturer in China, which can produce hookah foil in any shape.

Hookah aluminum foil roll


Customizable size

Alloy 8011 O
Thickness 0.015 - 0.05mm or as customized
width 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm or custom width or as customized
length 5m, 10m or custom length or as customized
Inner diameter of paper tube 38mm or as customized
Packaging 30 color boxes per carton or as customized

Customizable type

  • Hookah Foil Roll with holes
  • Pre-Punched Hookah Foil Rolls
  • Hookah foil roll without holes


Accessories and Packaging

Common packaging methods include: heat-sealing film packaging, bubble film packaging, color page packaging, and color box packaging.

Common materials are: aluminum foil, paper tube, metal saw blade, heat-sealing film, bubble film, color page, color box, and outer packaging carton.

Different packaging methods use different materials.

Accessories Heat sealing film packaging Bubble wrap Coloring page packaging Color box packaging
Packing heat sealing film bubble wrap coloring page Cardboard box/three-layer corrugated box/five-layer corrugated box
Aluminum foil
Paper tube
Metal cutter × × ×
Outer packing carton

Price composition ratio

  • Net weight of foil:80%
  • Packaging:5%
  • Paper tube:2%
  • Metal cutter:1%
  • Outer packing carton:2%
  • Labor and site:10%

Round and square hookah foils

Round or square hookah foil, also known as pre-punched hookah foil, is easy to use and is one of the widely popular hookah foils in Arab countries. The thickness of these pre-punched hookah foils is just right, and each high-quality round or square foil There is a layer of tissue paper in between, which is more convenient to use.

round hookah aluminum foil

Customizable size

Alloy 8011 O
Width 8cm-20cm
Thickness 0.015 - 0.05mm
Paper grammage 20g-35g

Popular sizes for your reference:

Item Size (T*W*L paper grammage) Packing Color MOQ
1 20mic*150mm*150mm
20g paper
then 200 boxes/carton.
Or as customized
Golden or Sliver or as customized 50cartons
2 30mic*125mm*125mm
20g paper
then 200 boxes/carton.
Or as customized
Golden or Sliver or as customized 50cartons
3 35mic*140mm*140mm
20g paper
then 200 boxes/carton.
Or as customized
Golden or Sliver or as customized 50cartons
4 30mic diameter∮125
25g paper
then 48 boxes/ bigger box,
then 24 bigger boxes/carton.
Or as customized
Golden or Sliver or as customized 50cartons
5 25mic diameter∮125
25g paper
then 200 boxes/carton.
Or as customized
Golden or Sliver or as customized 50cartons
6 35mic diameter∮125
25g paper
then 200 boxes/carton.
Or as customized
Golden or Sliver or as customized 50cartons

Customizable type

  • Hookah aluminum foil with holes
  • Pre-punched hookah foil
  • Hookah aluminum foil without holes
  • Pierced hookah foil
  • Pre poked hookah foil
  • Pre cut hookah aluminum foil

Accessories and Packaging

Packing: color box packing, or as customized

Material composition: aluminum foil, thin paper, color box, or as customized.

Price composition ratio

  • Net weight of aluminum foil: 80%
  • Color box: 5%
  • Thin paper: 5%
  • Outer packing carton: 2%
  • Labor and site: 8%

How to use hookah foil

Place the hookah foil over the hookah bowl, making sure it is tight and secure. If you are using non-perforated hookah foil, then use a hookah poke or use a needle to poke a few small holes in the hookah foil to allow enough air to flow through while keeping the heat evenly distributed. Finally, hot charcoal is placed on the shisha foil and the shisha is allowed to heat up.

Hookah foil features

Hookah foil has good moisture resistance and oxidation resistance, which can effectively protect tobacco from moisture and oxidation. At the same time, aluminum foil also has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, which prevents soot from entering the hookah, can help the tobacco to be heated evenly, and increase the taste and quality.

Can household aluminum foil replace hookah foil?

First off, household aluminum foil and hookah foil share many similarities, but they also have some important differences. Hookah foil is thicker than household aluminum foil. This also determines that thinner household aluminum foil, exposed to burning shisha charcoal, cannot be maintained for a long time.

On the other hand, the size of the hookah foil is designed according to the size of the hookah bowl, and usually needs to be punched, which also determines that the hookah foil is more efficient and convenient to use than household aluminum foil.

So while kitchen foil can be a good substitute in a pinch, household foil is generally not recommended for prolonged hookah use.

How is hookah foil produced?

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From aluminum foil raw materials to finished products of aluminum hookah foil, we provide one-stop solutions to save your time, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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