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Household aluminum foil is almost a must-have kitchen item for every family, but do you know that aluminum foil has any function besides cooking? Now sort out 12 usages of aluminum foil that you may not know, which can clean, prevent aphids, save electricity, and prevent static electricity.

From today onwards, don't throw away the food after cooking with aluminum foil. Use the characteristics of aluminum foil to save you money, effort and time.

Static removal

When washing clothes, take a small piece of aluminum foil and knead it into a ball, throw it directly into the washing machine, or throw a pile of crumpled aluminum foil when drying the clothes, so that the clothes will not regenerate static electricity!
When ironing clothes with an iron, you can also put a piece of aluminum foil under the clothes, which can also prevent static electricity on the clothes and make them softer and more comfortable.

Easier rust removal

The rust of the faucet can also be polished off with aluminum foil. The faucet, which is difficult to soak in soda water or other rust removal liquids, can easily remove the rust with aluminum foil.
There are rusty pliers, screwdrivers and other tools in the tool box that has not been used for a long time. The scissors are blunt. Take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it, and then cut it with scissors to make the scissors sharper It's easy to use!

Don’t be afraid of oil pollution

Household aluminum foil is known to be a great way to keep pans and ovens clean, and when grilling, a layer on the bottom of the oven keeps the oven from sticking with gravy.
But in addition, aluminum foil is also very convenient for scrubbing oil stains. Just take a piece of aluminum foil and knead it into a ball, scrub the oily pan, and it will be wiped clean quickly.
The ability of aluminum foil to be folded at will without deformation can also be used as a temporary container. It's a pity to pour out the oil left over from our usual cooking, but it takes an extra bowl to keep it, and the oil bowl is more difficult to wash than ordinary bowls. At this time, you might as well make a small bowl with aluminum foil to hold the vegetable oil , which is convenient and trouble-free.

Enhance wifi signal

Aluminum foil can also make our life easier. Usually at home, there are often wifi around, but the signal is very weak, and you can’t connect. The wifi signal is too scattered. Take a stack of aluminum foil. Place the folded aluminum foil behind the router's antenna for an instant signal boost.

Self-made funnel

It’s really frustrating not to find a funnel when pouring water at home. When you pour water directly into the bottle, some will always leak out, and you have to wipe it after pouring. Take a piece of aluminum foil, roll it up, and make a funnel yourself, regardless of the size of the bottle. Can have a perfectly matching funnel, no matter how poured it will not leak out.

Finger Cot

In winter, you can't play with your mobile phone with gloves on, but if you take out the gloves to play with your mobile phone, your hands will freeze again. Cut the aluminum foil into a small piece, pinch it on your finger, and you can play with your phone with gloves on!

Battery converter

Sometimes the battery is used up, but I forgot to buy a new one, what should I do if I am in a hurry? Take a piece of tinfoil, knead it into a small ball and stuff it into the battery, the battery can be used again, it is still very good for emergency.

Banana Protector

Wrap aluminum foil around the heads of a bunch of bananas for extra shelf life!

Restore luster to silver products

The blackening of silver products is because the silver on the surface is oxidized and becomes silver oxide. Adding baking soda powder can reduce the silver oxide. In addition, the activity of aluminum in aluminum foil is higher than that of silver, so it can restore the luster of silver products.

Remove the skins from fruits and vegetables

Knead the aluminum foil paper into a ball and spread it out, rub the burdock with the shiny surface to gradually remove the outer skin of the burdock, and finally rinse with water.

Add lighting

If you want to pull out a light bulb to save power, but worry about not being bright enough, you can stick a layer of high-temperature-resistant aluminum foil paper (bright side facing outward) on the lampshade to increase lighting.

Increase ironing efficiency

When ironing clothes, put aluminum foil under the clothes. Using the characteristics of fast heat conduction of aluminum foil, you can iron two sides at a time, saving labor, time and electricity.
Aluminum foil gets hot after ironing, so be careful not to get burned.

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