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What is Black Foil?

Black Foil, BlackWrap, Lindcraft Foil, Cinefoil and Shadowfoils are all names for black aluminum foil, which is primarily used to block out light and is attached to light fixtures and or their barn doors. Used in any situation where extreme heat might otherwise burn flags or cutters. Shadowfoils create light effects by letting light through different shaped cutouts in the foil.

As one of China matte film and television black foil factory, Aiboer's black foil is a matte black aluminum material that virtually soaks up light. It is suitable for masking light leaks and eliminating unwanted reflections. It can be quickly molded to form barndoors, flags and other configurations. Lightweight, yet durable, it can be quickly positioned in place with tape, staples or adhesives.


Several Advantages of BlackFoil:

1. Lightweight and Durable

Matte black foil for photograph is lightweight and durable, which can retain its shape, making it easy to mold into various shapes such as barn doors, snoots, flags, and other light-controlling configurations to meet different lighting needs.

2. High Heat and Weather Resistance

Matte black aluminum wrap exhibits excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, making it a widely used material in film making and photography, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions.

3. Light Blocking and Reflection Elimination

The thick aluminum foil is resistant to high temperature, not easy to break, effectively prevents oil stains, is easy to clean, and reduces cleaning troubles.

Comparison of CineFoil and Photofoil

1. Material and Manufacturing Process

CineFoil is made of fiber paper and aluminum foil.
Photofoil is made of polyester film and aluminum foil.

2. Surface Finish and Light Reflection

CineFoil has a matte black finish to absorb light.
Photofoil has a mirror finish to reflect light.

3. Foil Thickness

CineFoil's aluminum foil is thicker, making it more durable and better at blocking light.
Photofoil has thinner aluminum foil.

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